CBANS Program  

(Culturally Based Access Navigational Peer Support Services)

Providing mental health awareness, prevention and early intervention services to youth, adult and older adult residents in Fresno County.

CBANS Services

Our CBANS staff consists of a community health worker and peer support specialists who will provide mental health awareness, prevention and early intervention services.

  • Awareness
    Provide information and be available to set up informational booths or make presentations on mental health.
  • Prevention
    Work in one-on-one settings, and small groups to provide support, reduce the stigma of mental health conditions, and make referrals to appropriate support groups or providers.
  • Early Intervention
    Early Intervention services will assist people experiencing distress, and at risk for developing serious mental health conditions.  Education and support will be provided with the goal to manage and prevent distress from becoming more serious and thereby reduce secondary effects such as, job loss, relationship issues and substance abuse problems. Appropriate support services and referrals will be a part of early intervention services.

Who we serve

· Primarily Native American individuals and families residing in urban or rural areas of Fresno County

  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Elders

Who is eligible

  • Individuals  in need of services
  • Our intake process does not require income, or tribal verification

Where we provide services

· In our office,

  • Participant homes
  • Community events
  • Powwows and gatherings
  • Other local venues.

 What is good mental health?

According to the World Health Organization good mental health is:

  • A state of well-being
  • An individual realizes his or her own abilities
  • Able to cope with the normal stresses of life
  • Able to work productively and fruitfully
  • Able to make a contribution to his or her community

How common are mental disorders?

In the United States one in four adults has a mental illness in any one year.

In Fresno city approximately :

  • 62,328 adults have anxiety
  • 23,200 adults have major depression

Many people suffer in silence.  CBANS is here to provide outreach and mental health first-aid  to help relieve discomfort, promote better mental health, and help people connect with appropriate professionals when necessary.  CBANS is not a treatment program and should not be substituted for treatment by a professional.

Download our  CBANS Brochure

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