CBANS Program  

(Culturally Based Access Navigational Peer Support Services)

Providing mental health awareness, prevention and early intervention services to youth, adult and older adult residents in Fresno County.

CBANS Services

Our CBANS staff consists of a community health worker and peer support specialists who will provide mental health awareness, prevention and early intervention services.

Who we serve

· Primarily Native American individuals and families residing in urban or rural areas of Fresno County

Who is eligible

Where we provide services

· In our office,

 What is good mental health?

According to the World Health Organization good mental health is:

How common are mental disorders?

In the United States one in four adults has a mental illness in any one year.

In Fresno city approximately :

Many people suffer in silence.  CBANS is here to provide outreach and mental health first-aid  to help relieve discomfort, promote better mental health, and help people connect with appropriate professionals when necessary.  CBANS is not a treatment program and should not be substituted for treatment by a professional.

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Funded by

Fresno American Indian Health Project 1551 E. Shaw Avenue, Suite 139 Fresno, CA 93710
Phone: 559.320.0490 Fax: 559.320.0494

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