Purpose & Vision



We promote a culture of wellness and enhance the quality of life for all Tribal Nations and Communities.


We embrace and empower people from all nations and communities.  We provide culturally-based health and wellness services supporting the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of our communities.


  1. Dependability
  • Be counted on to do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it.
  1. Kindness
  • Be compassionate, generous, and considerate with coworkers, clients and the community.
  • Avoid making assumptions.
  1. Resiliency
  • Adaptable to challenge and change.
  • Avoid taking things personally.
  1. Loyalty
  • Dedicated to the good of the organization, the clients and to helping your coworkers be their best.
  1. Honor
  • Regard all people with great respect.
  1. Empowerment
  • Promote hope and building confidence.
  • Add value to the organization, staff, and clients through ongoing learning, creativity, and problem solving.
  • Support people to become stronger and more confident.
  1. Integrity
  • By being truthful, ethical and professional in all you say and do.
  • Always do your best.
  • Be honest with yourself and others.
  • Maintain confidentiality by keeping information private.

With our foundation of Native cultural awareness and sensitivity, we strive to be true to these values as we accomplish our purpose and strive to achieve our vision.  In all we say and do, we keep the best interests of FAIHP and our clients as our focus.