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Indian Health Service

Health Services

Mental Health America Central Valley

 Guide to Local Mental Health Resources

OVCDC Fresno

In addition to cash aid and prevention services, we also offer Language classes, Early Childhood Education and Adult Literacy programs.

North Fork Rancheria TANF

Tribal TANF is a federal and state funded program that provides time-limited assistance to needy families with children, in an effort for those children to be cared for in their homes or in the homes of relatives. 

 Fresno EOC WIC

 Fresno EOC WIC provides healthy food, nutrition education, breastfeeding support, and family resources to more than 27,000 women, children, and families in Fresno County. If you’re pregnant, or a caretaker of a child under age five, you can get personalized support for you and your family at one of our WIC offices.

California Indian Manpower Consortium, Inc.

The primary purpose of the Consortium is to offer training, employment, and other activities designed to meet the employment and training needs of the client population. The principal funding source is the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

 Water Conservation and Extreme Heat Resources



Water Saving Appliance Rebates

Receive rebates from the city to offset the cost of replacing older appliances with water efficient appliances. Fresno has rebates for washers, toilets, showers, and many more!

Lawn to Garden Rebate Program

Replace your lawn with low water plants and receive a rebate from the city 

Water Bill Assistance Program

Program that provides aid to reduce water bills and help cover past due or overdue payments. 

 Save Our Water

California program packed with info on water friendly practices. There’s activities for kids, drought action, and loads of local and statewide resources. 

Federal assistance for damaged housing during extreme weather

Grant programs to provide cash assistance to repair damaged property from winter storms or wildfire. 

LIHEAP: Low Income Utility Assistance

Low income utility assistance to provide relief for high energy bills. Provided by Fresno EOC. 


PGE sponsored discounts for reduced energy bills. 

Valley Air District FREE Air Filtration System

Providing Central Valley families a free air filter system with applicable requirements. Breathe easier at home during wildfire season!